We provide critical support services to NASA customers across the country. 

NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Deltha provided center-wide administrative support services to the Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) and other Government facilities. The services included administrative services, data entry, secretarial services, legal support services, and program management consisting of quality control, safety, health and environmental, security, and property management.

NASA Ames Research Center

Deltha provided business operations and technical services to NASA Ames Research Center (ARC).  The scope of services consisted of general administrative support, procurement and contractual support, documentation services, education and outreach support, human capital support, facilities engineering and real property management services, innovative partnerships, public affairs and media relations, video/multimedia and photographic support, and strategic management and analysis.

NASA Shared Services Center

Deltha provides business office support to the National Center for Critical Information Processing and Storage (NCCIPS) consolidated data center located at the NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC).  Services include budget formulation and execution, financial analysis and reporting, invoice auditing, business process support, resource requirements identification, cost analysis, cost and schedule tracking, acquisition support, business case development, market research, and recommendation of solutions.

NASA Kennedy Space Center

Deltha, as a subcontractor supporting the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, provided an array of financial and professional institutional support services at NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC).  The scope of our services included financial and project management, cost accounting, property accounting, travel support services, IT support services, business and resource management, internal controls support, and business systems support.