Program Management & Operations

    Deltha offers a broad spectrum of support to help manage and operate programs.  We provide project management and control, strategic planning and decision support, performance management, project scheduling, program and project reporting, and many other types of agency-specific program support.

    Relevant Areas of Experience

    • Project Management and Control
    • Change Management
    • Strategic Management and Analysis
    • Advanced Planning Support
    • Strategic and Tactical Planning
    • Project Scheduling
    • Organizational Readiness Support
    • Action Tracking
    • Security and Emergency Management Support
    • Library Support
    • New Technology Reporting Support
    • Publications Processing Support
    • Information and Education Programs Support
    • Integrated Enterprise Management Program (IEMP) Support
    • Technical Asset Management
    • Equipment Shipment Coordination
    • Intelligent Systems Support
    • Urgent Universal Needs Statement Tracking
    • Legal Support